Ties that bind us ….

Two old timers and a newcomer were stranded on an island. After several months, one of them found a lantern on the beach, polished it clean, and out popped a genie. “In return for my freedom, I will grant each of you one wish”, announced the genie.

The first old timer said, “I have a loving wife at home, my relationships with my children have been healed, and I have four beautiful grandchildren. I surely do miss them. I wish I were back home again.” Poof. His wish was granted.

The second old timer said, “I miss my family too. And before we were stranded, I had a wonderful career and a beautiful home. I wish to go home too”. Poof. His wish was granted.

The newcomer said, “My wife left me, my children hate me, I lost my house and job. I have nowhere to go. The only friends I had in the whole world were my two buddies here on the island, and they’re gone. I sure do wish they were here now.”

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