I wished to be strong …

In recovery and the program, I wished to be strong
And with your support I walked … just walked along
Faced all the weathers of joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain
And with your help my friends, I could sustain
Dreams were shattered, but I’m living them again
Its true that with sunshine there will be rain
But my smiles have no end, when I’m with you
And my face shimmers and shines like a fresh drop of dew
You stepped into my life and changed it all
And made me realize all my worries were just so small
You made me stand stronger and gaze at the world
And in your protection and care I snuggled and curled
In every meeting from you there is something to learn
And wish that time froze forever, for this I always yearn
I walk undaunted in my life ever since I met you
I am strong now and my life is brand new, all because of you, you, just you!
Veeru S
AA Orlem Group
Malad, Mumbai

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